NordicIllumination deals with the sale of LED lighting, and also provides consultations, development and production of lighting.

Let’s set up a convenient time, get together and talk about the current situation. Then we can consider all the information we have received and make a cost-efficient proposal for making a LED investment.

Thereafter, together with the client, we will weigh the various possibilities to find the best/most suitable form of cooperation.


If necessary, we can also finance the LED installation, i.e. the payment will occur in instalments, and the size of the instalments would be based on the saving, i.e. the total costs would not increase. Briefly, if, for example, the average monthly cost is currently €1,000 (electricity + maintenance costs), then after the installation, this would be reduced to €500, and the remaining €500 would be used to make the instalment payments…

When all the instalment payments have been made, the money that is saved will remain in the client’s account.


The lighting that we sell is produced in Estonia and Europe. We can also produce special LED solutions, in cooperation with various Estonian manufacturing and engineering companies. The key to our future is cooperation, also intercompany cooperation. The broader the intercompany cooperation platform in Estonia and the vicinity, the greater the potential to find overlapping interests and use them to our common advantage.


Let’s cooperate! Getting together and making a cost-efficient proposal does not cost anything!


Our good clients have included or still include the following: B-Plast, Profi Kütus, MK Kamion, Hekotek AS, Metalliset Eesti AS, Plastiktoos OÜ, Lindwood ,AS Paldiski Tsingipada, OÜ TMB Element, Prisma Lasnamäe Peremarket, Coats Eesti AS, AS Tinfor, Mistra Autex, Stockmann Kaubamaja, Schenker AS, Kaarli Hambapolikliinik OÜ, Hiteh Autoteenindus OÜ, RDPS Niinimäki Soomes, AS Dagöplast, Heltul OÜ, OÜ Jooksev Meeter, OÜ Kulden Grupp, TRV Kliima AS, AS Kalev, Kodumajatehase AS, Lamp OÜ, Tehnikagalerii in the Fahle building, LSO Sisustus, AS OG Elektra, Saku Metall, Hansamaaler, Bestnet AS.


And more names keep getting added to the list…


In order to get an offer, please contact us at or by calling 50 16 711.

We will come over and we can review the situation together.


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